Warrior Beard Care | About
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Warrior Beard Care is a solution to help men with dry, weak, and malnourished beards. It was created when two brothers were both growing out their beards, and found that they suffered from beardruff and itchiness. After trying many different oil blends; they were able to find one that made their beards lush, hydrated and healthier than ever. It wasn’t long before others started noticing and asking about their beards.
Thus, the idea of Warrior Beard Care came to mind. The brothers worked together to develop a brand to educate men everywhere that having a beard does not have to be a battle; it can be an enjoyable lifestyle. To all the warriors that are fighting their battles; rest assured that with our products your beard is one battle that you will have conquered.
Several groups of men have tested our products and have given Warrior Beard Care excellent feedback for its quality. We know beards and we know the battle that men go through with their beards while growing and maintaining it.
Warrior Beard Care products are all organic and they were chosen for their unique benefits to help promote and improve the health of beards and skin. We oversee our production of our products so that we can ensure each product is made with high quality.