Warrior Beard Care | Why & How to Grow a Beard
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Why & How to Grow a Beard

Why should you grow a beard? Because it looks awesome. It feels amazing. It completes you. The list goes on but you should grow a beard because it adds style to your look and, if styled correctly, it can make you look and feel more attractive. Men have different reasons for growing their beards, some men do it as a personal preference, and others do it as a lifestyle, but growing your beard can be a rewarding process with some patience and Warrior Beard Care products. If you’ve attempted to grow a beard but shaved it because of pure misery from beard irritation or other reasons than you’ve come to the right place. Now put down that shaver and let’s talk about how to grow your beard.

The Beginning (1-3 weeks)

You are in the early stages of beard development and you are using beard oils on a daily basis so you’re on the right step so far. It doesn’t matter how short your beard may be, it is important to start applying Warrior Beard Care products like Day & Night oils as well as our Classic Beard Balm in the beginning to create a solid foundation for your beard. Think about the beard type you are trying to achieve and when you feel like picking up your razor just remember your beard goals and throw that razor in the garbage. Let it grow and when the time is right let a professional line it up for you.

The Awkward Phase (3-6 weeks)

Most men will grow it as far this phase and they will shave it, which is why it’s important to have a vision for your beard so that you can refer back to it when you feel this way. Your beard may look disproportionate but you need patience at this stage and need to let it keep growing. Even if you are tempted to line it up, let a professional do it for you and head over to a recommended or well reviewed barber. It is important to continually apply beard oils and balms and use our Wooden Comb to disperse the oils throughout your beard. If you are unsure of how to use our Warrior Beard Care Products be sure to check out our videos on YouTube under “Warrior Beard Care” and be sure to like, subscribe and share.

You’ve got some length (6 – 12 weeks)

Great job, you’ve gotten past the awkward phase and you’re well on your way to getting that beard you’ve always dreamed of. Keep maintaining your beard with Warrior Beard Care products and don’t be alarmed if you’re using more products on your larger and thicker beard as this is normal. Make sure to pick up some beard cleansers to make sure that it stays clean and things like dead hairs and dust don’t get trapped. At this point you can choose to line it up but let a professional handle that for you.

Beard status = Awesome (12+ weeks)

Your beard is at 12+ weeks and it’s making women’s heads turn and guys wish they had it.  This is where your patience and hard work payed off. But now it’s time for you to choose what length and style of beard you will have. Keep using Warrior Beard Care products and continue to groom your beard. Have some fun with styling your beard and be creative with it. Get some suggestions from loved ones or your barber on how to style your beard or keep growing it until it reaches the floor.

Remember to start using products early and often and be sure to shop at warriorbeardcare.com and sign up for our newsletter for up to date news and promotions.