Warrior Beard Care | Wooden vs. Plastic Comb
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Wooden vs. Plastic Comb

Why do some people use wooden combs over plastic combs? Should you be using both? In this post you’ll read about some benefits of both combs and what their uses are.

Wooden combs have been around for a very long time and they are a vital tool for keeping your beard moisturized and clean. When you’ve applied our Day & Night Armor Oils it’s important to use the comb to spread the oil evenly throughout your beard. Our wooden combs are cut with a high grade saw to keep the comb rounded and smooth which prevents snagging or pulling of hair. They can also be used for straightening out knots and keeping your beard clean throughout your day.

Plastic combs have become very common in every household and are generally used to style hair and beards. With a high quality plastic comb you’ll notice that each tooth is cut straight to prevent any tugging or pulling of your hair. However, when using plastic combs you’ll want to watch out for pointy teeth that will scratch your skin and cause damage to your beard.  Also, plastic combs can build up static which can cause frizz and split ends. If you’re planning to buy a plastic comb make sure to do your research and invest in quality.  

Some general things to look out for in your combs are the length and size of the teeth. Depending on the size of your beard you’ll need a close or wide tooth comb. The shorter your beard the closer your combs teeth need to be, and the longer your beard the wider the teeth need to be.

Whether you should use a wooden comb, a plastic comb, or even both is entirely up to you. They have different uses and may be used together, if necessary, to get your perfect beard look. Remember to invest in quality products as these will benefit your beard in the long run. Thanks for reading.